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What is Passport to Rewards?

A Loyalty Program that rewards Travel Consultants for providing the best travel solution to their customers.

Leading Travel Wholesalers have Partnered to offer you an extremely rewarding Program, thanking you for your loyalty and support.

Why Join Passport to Rewards?
  • Earning Reward Points is simple – receive 1 Reward Point for EVERY $1 Booked with a participating Partner (Excluding air, taxes and non-commissionable product) *.
  • Diverse range of Partners – ensures that you can Book with a Participating Partner to earn Reward Points, no matter what your Customers’ needs.
  • Bonus Reward Point opportunities – special offers are regularly available, giving you the chance to increase your reward earning potential.
  • Exciting Reward Catalogue – offering you a great range of rewards at a low entry point.
  • Continued Passport Membership – your Membership travels with you if you change Agencies.
  • Easily monitor your Passport to Rewards activity via the website – easy to navigate and gives you 24hr access to your complete Booking and Reward Claim history!
* Applicable to bookings made after the Partner’s Commencement Date. Conditions apply – please read the Terms & Conditions for full Program details.

More Rewards for YOU!

The Passport to Rewards Catalogue offers an extensive range of lifestyle gift vouchers and merchandise rewards!

We invite you to browse our exciting Reward Catalogue. Book your way to the ultimate reward!

How to Earn Reward Points

It's simple! For EVERY dollar that you Book with one of the participating Partners (excluding air, some taxes and non-commissionable product) you will receive 1 Reward Point. The nett value of each Booking will be converted into "Non-Redeemable" Points when the Booking is deposited.

Remember you must provide your Passport to Rewards Member ID at the time of Booking to earn Passport to Rewards Points.

Globus Get your bookings registered automatically
Provide Globus your PtoR Member ID and they will link it to your Globus consultant pin, which means every time you make a booking from that point forward you will receive your expected points. Simply contact their Reservation Team on 1300 230 234 and have your PtoR Member ID and Partner Consultant PIN handy.

Once your Customer has paid the balance and commenced travel your "Non-Redeemable" Reward Points for that Booking will be converted into "Redeemable" Points (Reward Points will be generated within 5 weeks of travel commencement). Only "Redeemable" Points can be used to claim rewards in the Passport to Rewards Program.

E.g. $3,500 nett Booking once clients have travelled = 3,500 "Redeemable" Points.

Program Partners will notify Passport to Rewards Headquarters of any changes to your Bookings including cancellations, upgrades, add-ons or any other amendments.

Monthly Activity Statement

Each Passport to Rewards Member will be emailed a monthly Activity Statement detailing the total Reward Points earned during the previous month and your overall Reward Points balance. This Activity Statement will also be displayed online in ‘Your Account’.

Passport to Rewards HQ

If you have any questions please contact Passport to Rewards HQ, where one of our dedicated Program Co-ordinators will answer any of your questions.

Reward Points Discrepancies

If a Booking does not appear on ‘Your Activity Statement’, please submit a ‘Booking Enquiry’ via the website. You will need to detail the Booking Reference Number, Travel Partner and Booking Date.

Globus The Booking Reference Number is the 6-digit reference number beginning with ‘5’ on your invoice.

To submit a Booking Enquiry, go to ‘Your Account’ and then select ‘Booking Enquiry?’

For any other Reward Point discrepancy enquiries, please contact Passport to Rewards HQ. Please ensure that you have your Passport to Rewards Membership ID ready.

Not a Member?

JOIN NOW – and start earning Rewards today! Click here to complete the online Passport to Rewards Enrolment Form.

We will reward you with 500 BONUS reward Points just for enrolling!

If an existing Member referred you, then don’t forget to include their Member ID on your Enrolment Form so they too can be rewarded!

Reward Redemptions

You can claim rewards online. Make sure you have sufficient Redeemable Reward Points available in your Account before you make your choice of reward. If you would like to check your Redeemable Points balance simply visit ‘Your Account’.

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